Premium fair traded, organic and green chocolates

We believe in sustainability, social responsibility, and environmental beauty. To help make this real for all of us, at Oliver Kita Chocolates, we act locally, carefully choosing what we do in our business. We seek out organic and sustainably grown cacao, choose organic fruits and flavors, and work with local talents and farmers whenever possible to reduce our carbon footprint. We follow environmental guidelines in our daily operation practices. For our green collection we designed packaging from recycled and recyclable materials. We strive to create beauty, one product at a time, and we take the time to create a delicious product we can be proud of.

Why should we care about Organic and Fair Traded/Direct Trade Chocolates?

Organic chocolates promote and use sustainable practices, eliminate exposure of pesticides and harmful chemicals to children, precluded the use of fumigants that are now used for exports, and promote biodiversity. Oliver Kita ensures that our organic chocolate ingredients have been grown organically, using no pesticides, herbicides or any toxic chemicals, and do not contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. All ingredients are non-GMO (genetically modified). Organic chocolate is also known in the industry for its magnificent taste, silky texture and fine finish. Nothing hides or competes with the flavors and fragrances we work with. Our organic chocolates are truly magical.

Fair Traded/Direct Trade chocolates mean fairer prices for farmers, gender equality, diversification to promote economic health and NO CHILD SLAVERY. Money from the sale of cocoa beans goes directly to the farmers bypassing corporate middle-men and women. Farmers who are paid and treated fairly are proud of their work, harvesting gourmet cocoa. The farmers who grow the cacao beans for Valrhona receive fair deals in trade for the best beans purchased directly from their farms.

Our hand made artisan Oliver Kita chocolate creations are made with Valrhona “Grande Cao” Organic Dark Chocolate 72%. They are award winners. Valrhona is a small French chocolate company, with a social awareness that takes pride in producing the highest quality chocolate.