Clermont Cappuccino Dark- "Hudson Valley Natural's" - Vegan & Organic Chocolate Bar

"When studying in Paris the chocolate instructors called Oliver Kita along with the students- "fondeurs" which is an endearing slang term for "professional artist melters".  The start of the story ? The chocolate is manufactured on vintage French equipment before it reaches the studio where it is transformed into bars blended with espresso and cacao nibs for a stimulating energetic lift. Yes, it will give you a buzzzz….

Named for "Clermont State Historic Site" found along the Hudson River,  the bars are hand cast and hand wrapped in the chocolate studio, Oliver Kita has introduced a 70% dark bar using all natural ingredients with organic dark chocolate, espresso and cacao nibs encrusted on the back of the bar.

Presenting the philosophy of "Mind . Body . Chocolate Everyday",   The Hudson Valley Natural Vegan & Organic Chocolate Bar is also available in local Hudson Valley boutiques, gourmet food markets and specialty food stores. 70% Dark Organic Vegan Chocolate, contains soy lecithin, gluten free, 3.3 ounces (100 grams), dairy free, organic coffee , contains caffeine.