8 Piece - Golden Flax Gift Box

If you need to give a little bit of luxury to a lot of friends - then this petite escallier box is the perfect holiday answer.  This four inch box cube of joy can  become a perfect jewelry keepsake after the bon bons are long gone. 

Inside this golden two tier box presentation are eight of our most jewel like popular choices.

You may also change the choices by writing in the instructions box when ordering on line, or call the studio to request any flavors that you wish.

Oliver's signature holiday presentation for 2015 is a golden flax box with a holographic snowflake monogram. Tied with a gold satin and gold embossed ribbon .  A chocolate glossary is included. The box is approximately 4 inches wide and tall.

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Cognac Crème Bruleé - Caramelized brown sugar and milk chocolate interior with vanilla and amber notes. Cognac top note upon the first taste.

Light Champagne Truffle - creamy intense with a champagne center, dark cocoa powder

Caramel du Sel - Pink Salt Caramels - Pink Hawaiian sea salt accents the fresh butter and full cream caramel; sweet and salty perfection.

Lagavulin - Smokey peaty single malt scotch sweetly softened with milk chocolate

Fig and Pistachio - Milk Chocolate with Fig Puree

Cassis Caramel - Black Currant Puree with Cassis de Bordeau.

Whispering Heaven- peppermint and dark chocolate with crushed peppermint.

Dark Champagne Truffle - creamy and intense with a champagne center.


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