Mom's Secret Book Club and the Hidden Bon Bons

We know that mother's need a chance to escape and relax to rejuvenate. Here's a literary opportunity filled with chocolate that is sure to show her how much she is appreciated. A faux book filled with bon bons - the central characters of our Mother's Day chocolate story are four luscious, sparking, feminine, sensual chocolates each created with a precious floral nectar. We've surrounded these "Juicy Blossoms" with the Studio Collection of Oliver's favorites - many inspired by authors he has enjoyed - Scarlet Caramel (Nathaniel Hawthorne- The Scarlet Letter), Figue et Cognac (A Farewell to Arms- Ernest Hemingway), Palet d'Opium ( Imperial Woman - Pearl S. Buck) and of course lots of dark creamy chocolate choices and several caramels with pink himalayan sea salt are in the box too. 70% dark organic chocolate and 38% organic milk chocolate

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The special Mothers Day florals are:

Living Rose - Marc du Champagne, living rose, Italian bergamot, candied rose

Le Clair Obscure Violette - Violet Twilight. The magic hour “L’Heure blue” - dark chocolate and white chocolate infused with violets, candied violet

Voile de Jasmin - Jasmine Veil. Romantic blend of sweet red orange and soothing pink marshmallow flavor.

Cherry Mimosa - Orange blossom Mandarin, cherry from Luberon in Provence.



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