Golden Flax Escallier Box - 54 Pieces

An elegant golden staircase presentation unfolds revealing three platform trays filled with the Holiday Collection. An exciting corporate gift or dessert center piece - that no one will resist.  

Three tiered trays offer 16 pieces of the holiday bon bon collection. the studio to change the array in any count desired. 

Galaxy Way - Smooth, runny, chewy gooey soft caramel that twists on the tongue. Crispy rice outside.
Cognac Crème Bruleé - Caramelized brown sugar and milk chocolate interior with vanilla and amber notes. Cognac top note upon the first taste.
Palet d’Olivier - Oliver’s black currant love note to Paris: intense Bordeaux character.
Light Champagne Truffle - creamy sweeter and intense with a champagne center, sugar powder
Caramel du Sel - Pink Salt Caramels - Pink Hawaiian sea salt accents the fresh butter and full cream caramel; sweet and salty perfection.
Lagavulin - Smokey peaty single malt scotch sweetly softened with milk chocolate
Scarlet Caramel - Sensual strawberry with milk chocolate made into a smooth caramel finish.
Espresso Double Shot - Crushed cacao nibs outside, dark ganache made with organic espresso on the inside.
Lavandre Citronade - Lavender with Lime - creamy citrus taste with light floral lavender aroma.
Passionfruit & Lychee - Tartly sweet, tropical fragrance.
Fig and Pistachio - Milk Chocolate with Fig Puree
Palet de Framboise - Raspberry - Tart, ripe and pure raspberry made with Chambord of France.
Cassis Caramel - Black Currant Puree with Cassis de Bordeau.
Whispering Heaven- peppermint with dark chocolate and crushed candy peppermint
White Peaches & Cream - Rich, velvety, luscious summertime taste made with the slightly sweeter peach.
Dark Champagne Truffle - creamy and intense with a champagne center.


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