Think About It- What Could Be Better?

Each player uses a chocolate token as their playing piece. What to use? Molded bon bons make excellent playing pieces. Another option, and somewhat less smear prone,are miniature bars used for tasting – these are often elegantly wrapped. I have seen them from Valrhona, Amedei, Michel Cluizel and others chocolatiers too.

There are four opportunities to EAT your token.

One may not nibble without justified cause, as they throw the dice to play the piece around the board but must instead adhere to these four distinct moments of play and possibility:

  1. Draw A "Get Out Of Jail Free" Card
  2. Land On Free Parking
  3. Pitch $100 Into Free Parking For Each Tolken Consumed - that’s right pay as you munch- eat all you want while enriching the game
  4. Buying A Hotel- the reward is to enjoy your token. Go for it- you are in a new tax bracket!

Should a player max out on their chocolate intake (how could that happen?) they have the right to assign consumption to any player of their choosing.

What more is there to say? You tell me.