The secret to complete mindfulness with overeating and chocolate is to learn to love what you are eating…

“You can learn to eat 40% less by visualizing the chocolate first”.

This was just discussed on the Dr. Oz show the other day in terms of breaking the habituation of eating too much of anything at one time.

Their highly habitual and addictive food choice was …you guessed it !! M & M’s.

Were the show producers genuinely unaware of what M & M’s are , or reaching for the main stream of America’s secret chocolate habit? You have to tell me…I cannot figure this one out by myself.

I’ve always thought that M & M’s are supposed to be enjoyed in large amounts- without regret- not one or two at a time with significant self control and appreciative restraint. Not counted in a test study.

When chocolate candy is sold in a bag- it is not meant for anything other than recreational pleasure. From the bag to your mouth. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat as often as desired. It’s a pre-agreed upon decision, you and the bag have both decided to be together. The same agreement applies to potato chips- you shouldn’t have to eat just one.

Fine chocolate like fine perfume is an experience to be appreciated everyday without going too far or having to feel regret.

Start with a high quality chocolate bar or fine artisan truffle if you wish to begin to practice the art of meditating with chocolate. You’ll only need one or two tastes to experience appreciation and awareness.


Begins with the first aromatic breath of cacao.
Take the time to taste, breathe in the chocolate as it melts slowly and superbly on the tongue, become fully present and aware while flavors develop, appreciate what you have and where you are right now.