A weekend of escape to Mohonk Mountain House provided me with an opportunity to begin the earliest of springtime traditions of over ordering and hoarding the contents of seed catalogs. It’s been my late winter tradition to over buy seeds and to completely ignore or forget about the square footage of soil one half ounce of any seed package can grow. Every garden does this- I know it. We all get greedy from the potential excitement in the review and decision making. One or two… forget it… I really want all four kinds of nasturtiums.

It gives me a sustainable pleasure to know that soon, winter will recede back by the warm hands of springtakes me to an imaginary place in the sunny fields of my

On a walking tour through the gardens en route to the greenhouse, “there’s still snow on the ground – will this white nuisance ever melt ? “, my fantasy was that every greenhouse must have hidden in the back in the equatorial section a secret stash of cacao trees.

It didn’t happen, so we went back to the dining room and I ordered three chocolate desserts- what were they? Heathbar Crunch Tort, Tiramisu and Blackout Cake.