Ohhhhh myyyyyyy, I do love Oscar night, love just love it. I’ll be finished with the Orlando Chocolate Festival at the Science center and will have retreated to a big TV screen with Elli and friendly company for the evening. Chocolate and champagne until the last star receives the last award.

What’s with the title and what’s my point? And, I do have one.
Three years ago, I sacrificed my checkbook to fame and purchased a chocolate oscar mold on Ebay from an out of business belgian chocolatier. The award it created was the actual size of the statuette itself. To elaborate matters even further we gilded it in 23 karat gold dust. It look utterly amazing.

My saavy guru PR person posted the Oscar on the website and we sold exactly – how many you ask…TWO.
What? How? Why not more-you may inquire with disbelief.
We had the buyers lined up- with Black American Express Cards in hand too.

From a land, far, far away in a place called Hollywood, the Academy of Motion Pictures maintains an entire modern shiny building of attorneys who search the world for copyright infringement of any kind regarding the Oscar image, word, title or any reference to the title.
And they found little me.
I was contacted and threatened with severe legal action – no kidding – if I did not surrender the names of the purchasers, quantity sold, revenue made and to complete the package- give them the mold! The very mold I owned.

Yes- it’s all true- apparently I had unknowingly purchased a chocolate mold stolen from Wolfgang Puck’s chocolatier used to create confections for the oscars! Good God in Xoxolatl !

I mailed the mold to the Beverly Hills legal team with complete adherance to all requests.

During the Oscar celebration this year we shall all enjoy a tea party of chocolate red hearts and white chocolate rabbits themed in honor of the opening of Tim Burton’s -”Alice in Wonderland.”