Here we go heading north from the Sanibel Shell Festival to participate in the the Orlando Chocolate Festival in it’s second year.

This event is very kid friendly and promised to be a lot of excitment. Elli and I are looking forward to handling their currency for payment – chocolate coins!!

Everyone buys their chocolate goodies with coins in one dollar denominations. I’ve brought a secret stash of white rabbits with red hearts to celebrate the opening of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Elli made me swear on a stack of nibs she does not have to dress as the Queen of Hearts- but I know secretly that she would love it! She is an actress sales diva extra-ordinare de la coco kita that she is. Did I ever tell you about the time she did a full wheel cart wheel on stage? Hmm, I will try to keep her off the lecture podium this time. It’s my turn to be on stage this Saturday at 12:30PM. Wish me luck for a sold out auditorium (250 seats)