Are you a FOW (Friend Of Wendy). Formerly a radio hostess, her talk show reveals itself on the flat screen up to three times a week day- in my neighborhood. And yes, she seems to be a fun girl and a real girl. I see her eyes become a wet well of reality when she sits and talks with guests who have inspired her, or forgiven her (for past shock jock talk). Wigs and all – she has something we all genuinely relate to and like- an appreciation for people. She now walks a new talk. One of appreciation and sincerity.

I can only imagine “how she would be doin” if she knew that we eat bon bons to compliment her chats during the segments of “Ask Wendy” or when she is sharing her celebrity gossip over a cup of tea and Ricola lozenger. “Miss thing” needs one bon bon. I can tell. Just one- would do the job to raise her to the next level of sharing and caring.

I’ve seen the Slim Jims, and know that she has dictated that they now have to go! I have not seen the chocolate talk go on screen- as of yet, and I also have a sense that she loves chocolate inspired by a candy bar background. I’m feeling like I can do something about this aspect. So will send a box or two or ten to the crew before Mother’s Day.

“Ask Wendy” has inspired me to add a segment at the end of my public lectures on cacao- “Ask Oli”.
The answers are not even closely related. But the intention is the same- to help others help themselves and not take it all too seriously. Tempering chocolate tantrums – not attractive.