Well now, imagine that you are standing in the check out line and happen to notice a new delightful chocolate “gem colored” shiny M & M in a flip top box- a truly gourmet upscale high end item found on the “speed dial” candy rack priced at $1.30 for 20 bites. Title portrayed as “PREMIUM” M&M’s. What do you do? Ignor the whole thing, laugh out loud, or buy a box and make love to every piece while in line waiting to cash out. I chose the third option.

My goodness, they already make them in every designer color imaginable found at Michael’s Crafts. Found on the aisle side is a dream wall of every color palet imaginable all in M&M’s. Eye candy aptly describes the display. You will be somewhat excited and overwhelmed by having to decide upon a single color from the assortments arranged in gradiations.

What more is there to say about these epicurian M&M’s?, well they are “what they are supposed to be” and fulfill a simple need we all have. The short dark chocolate experience. “Strong cocoa punch”, I believe, is the term used by experts in the chocolate candy industry.

The metallic sheen tumbled on the outside and semi sweet chocolate on the inside were an unusual match- like a a playful attempt to put dior lavender eye shadow on a favorite pet bull dog. Not necessary, but sweet and very fun to see afterward. PS- there were 20 pieces in the flip top box perhaps so they can be kept in the drawer for instant retrieval. I don’t know why the new packaging -because they won’t last long, and they are a bit glamourous…they could become be a fashionable “quick fix” for chocolate addiction.