As a Chocolatier, I have tied alot of beautiful bows on thousands of boxes selected with thought and love. One general rule that I embrace is to never give out a lot of advice to anyone during the packaging or gift wrap process. Leave them alone to enjoy what they have just selected for the object of their love or desire. Actually, we do give them a bon bon to taste, and this keeps them distracted long enough to get our job done with graceful efficiency.

Dispensing particular advice to those who are dating, have stopped dated lately, or those who are currently solo or scheming to become unsingle is a mistake…I have learned that all advice in matters of the heart is generally usless. These days, I include those are secretly smitten or want to be swept away by someone who is smittenish in their twittering or texting while buying bon bons. One must learn through their own experiences whether exhilarating or humilating.

While the taste of love may be excitingly dark or forbidden, bittersweet in nature- as all objects of desire prove theirselves to be, or evenly savage and suave in the caress, the last breath of cacao lingers on the tongue as the one souvenir of pleasure and joy. It is the kiss that lingers until the breath returns our desire to taste it again and again. “Remember this moment, remember me” chocolate says to the taster.

The message of chocolate portrayed in it’s most fundamental nature – is LOVE

My only advice is this-