Cocoa Nibs are not always found on the backside of a chocolate bar

October 24, 2011

We’re still all counting calories and trying to drag ourselves to the gym.

No recipes here- just a few simple ideas for the use of cocoa nibs which are available on line or at the health food store. My favorite on line people to find nibs? Lisa and Steve are pretty impressive- so stay tuned to their latest creations.

add to a three bean vegetarian chili
place in pepper grinder to use over fresh fruit salads
over yogurt
over pear arugula goat cheese salad
add to BBQ sauce

Raw chocolate is on the frontier and Lisa and Steve are the premier creators of shelf stable raw chocolate (that does not need refrigeration) which unlike other chocolate, is loaded with the benefits of micro nutritional ingredients while still offering an indulgence. I am creating Easter Bunnies with their raw chocolate this year!

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