No meltdowns at the Miami Chocolate Show

October 24, 2011

Vacation time is when you dream of 78 degrees and sunny skys – but it can place sheer terror into the heart of a chocolatier when disembarking from the tarmack in Miami. Did my products arrived shipped safely or will I be trying to salvage what i can from a major meltdown?

Well frankly, only one box melted and that was driven down in a car by my able and ready and red headed sales associate- Elli. No worries- this happens to the best of us as the sun traces behind the car driving south to nirvana. “Oliver- all I want to see is a palm tree and drink some orange juice, and I will be content- I can’t fly, so I will meet you in Miami on time as promised.”

Nothing else arrived in jeopardy as UPS did the usual tres fab job of handling the chocolates with careful timing and attention.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden’s 4th Annual Chocolate Festival was a big success with chocolate vendors tasting, talking and selling to visitors from the Miami area. I’ve participated in the show for the last three years and find the entire event to be thoroughly and professionally organized. Miami is very international with ticket holders bringing families to taste chocolate from all over the world. today i had the pleasure of talking about chocolate to visitors from Venezuela, Amsterdam, Italy, France, Belgium and of course NEW YORK- everyone loves to share their story and connect if they have been to my part of the county- and wildly enough many people know where i am located.

I had the pleasure of visiting with Maricel E. Priscilla who just completed here second edition of “The New Taste of Chocolate”. I’ve been listed in the back and frankly, it’s always nice to be acknowledged by a fellow cacao lover and an expert in the field.

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