The is no glamour without distance according to Greta Garbo, and the best stars have agents or public relations firms that keep their personal lives off the pages of the tabloids. It’s boring to see someone’s life critically dissected.

Recently released by one of the finest confectionary supply houses was a line of products inspired by the color amethyst. They have created a fresh modern product approach to the Victorian color pallet which has been embraced for years by competitive and skilled cake decorators who work with rolled fondant and gum paste. Gum paste lilacs are delicate, desired and expensive.

Yes, it’s true- the glamorous illusion through which chocolate portrays itself …is being enrobed in Amethyst

Not necessary a color just anyone can wear, nor a dish one orders for the center plate of a dinner. It still invokes images of romance- “L’heure bleu” or the magic hour during dusk or dawn. Another interpretation is “Le Claire obscure violette” (violet twilight).

Amethyst luster dusts, colored cocoa butters, chocolate sprays and bits of candied violets and lilacs imported from France, are all being launched right now during this winter, as inspiration for spring time color influences as the violets, hyacinths, lris, hyacinth and lavender all emerge. Engagements happen during the holidays and wedding plans are often started in the new year. Pastry chefs and caterers spend the next 4 months meeting and planning with bridal clients. Amethyst wedding cakes could appear this year replacing cupcakes as the new inspiration found on dessert presentations.

Will the public embrace this new trend? The answer is yes, if enough people live with romance and love, and the look is presented in a modern guise.

We bon bon lovers will all appreciate the lilac look, but know that the interior of this glamorous disguise must still be all chocolate chocolate chocolate.