Each and every weekend beginning with the first Saturday of November, we invite different groups of friends and ask them to each prepare and bring a dish for thanksgiving practice. Rehearsal cooking for friends is fun, and helps to work out the potential portion or timing problems. Traditional food prepared in a fresh new way gives everyone at the table something different to try.

The real intention in having a Thanksgiving practice is allowing friends to spend time without “in-law” interaction during a holiday experience. Most of the time, we love them, adore them, and cherish them to death, but they can drive us a little crazy when too much time is spent together. Say it isn’t so, but it is so.

Some people I love, but am not related to at all, deeply count upon this experience as their official thanksgiving dinner- not just practice. I think that’s it just plain pleasant to be able to eat roasted turkey every weekend. Sometimes the gossip is juicier than the cranberry sauce, but every dish gets complimented and commented on regardless.

Also, the host is only responsible for roasting the turkey and making the gravy. Ask someone to bring mashed potatoes or give them one of the recipes below.