WHAT TO DO WHEN THE TURKEY IS LOCKED IN THE OVEN ON “SELF CLEAN” My personal kitchen goddess, Julia Child once said she likes Turkey day best because, ”there are no presents it’s all about the food”. The pressure to create a perfect Thanksgiving meal is so intense some people invest in new dishes and linens just for the day to impress people. Such crazy making behavior- just use what you have. This reminds me to tell you about the time my sweet sister in law decided to have a brand new computerized oven installed for roasting her “it’s going to be perfect” turkey bird. Mingled along in the day’s family activities the turkey was somehow absent mindedly locked in the oven programmed to “self clean”. It’s true, no helpful operator was present to answer the 1-800- “I Don’t Know” phone line on the biggest food day of the year. I ask you? What person, who could cook, would be available to answer a phone anyway? We’re all pressed into service on that day. The kitchen Kwan Yin of mercy revealed the technological solution where the timer button was concealed to a young nephew zooming around the starship oven with space action figures. The cleaning function was deactivated saving the universe. The perfect turkey was saved. Whew, just a few tears that day. She really did do a great job.