Thursday is the day, my trunk is packed and I am off to present “From Bean to Bon Bon and Bar” a chocolate tour of cacao from around the equator to the shops of Paris. I am bring goodies that visitors will want to buy after the chat- as everyone loves a souvenir regardless of how much chocolate they tasted beforehand.

Please take the time to visit Boscobel an amazing Federal restoration project with a beautiful exhibition gallery space underneath the house itself. Yes Wow! and Yes- Well Done.
Plus shopping- the gift shop has things for all prices- including things for children. Renate Smoller is a shop manager with an eye for display and exciting detail.

Jeffrey Platt is the Executive Director supported by Carolin Serino who is the Deputy Executive Director. I refer to them as the “dynamic duo” who have kept the place moving onward and upward to the next level of excellence. So of course, I am feeling extremely priviledged and excited to speak about chocolate at Boscobel. tickets are by reservation only. visit the website for a beautiful Christmas tour and talk.