Yes, it’s true the best plans of the nicest producers get rained upon in Colorado. I awoke to a 7:30AM courtesy phone call, “good morning Mr. Kita- it is 26 degrees and snowing- is there anything further I can do for you?” I did not respond how I felt which was to say, “cancel my booth- I am staying in bed with the TV on and plan to watch movies all day.”

Instead I ordered coffee and prepared for the day- not know what would happen. Much to my enjoyment Colorado people show up whether it snows or not. They refer to the weather as Floridians do- just wait it will change in ten minutes. You can be washing your car in shorts and flip flops, and later that day it can snow and you have to wear a hat and gloves to slog through it all.

My pal Maureen was totally unsympathetic to my having to stay at the Broadmoor. She FACEBOOKed me to let me know I should be making chocolate covered “Snow Balls”. Done- I’ll have some for you next week darling Maureen!!!

Frankly my room was divine and the staff there are kind and really really great at their jobs of anticipating guests needs. All in all the show was done well and Denver got the brunt of the weather. I do plan to be at the Denver Food and Wine festival next year (which was held at the same time- my producer remained mum about this event- but why should she want me to defect to another venue?)