Hudson Valley Chocolate Shop with Oliver Kita's Chocolate Salon from Oliver Kita on Vimeo.

Hi, I am Oliver Kita and this is the Oliver Kita chocolate studio and we're located in the heart of the village of Rhinebeck. It's an 1828 firehouse and we have converted it into my chocolate studio and my retail space. There's more room for tasting chocolate, preparing chocolate, experiencing chocolate and just reading and relaxing with chocolate, catching that buzz.

This bar was created for customers to come in and experience chocolate from different origins around the equator. There is a small menu that you can order from, a self-guided tour or and on weekends we actually provide free chocolate tasting for people to simply come into the space, hang out and taste chocolate for a minute or two.

These temperers are used for when you are hand finishing chocolates, when we're hand tabling the chocolate and spatulating it on the table. There are a couple of ways that you can put chocolate into temper which many of you are familiar with as being the method used to firm the chocolate up, so that makes a chocolate bar. It's just a lot of fun.

There's a lot of melted milk chocolate in here. We are using an organic milk chocolate to start with today and the projects that we are using this is for the Hudson Valley Natural Bars which are available in the retail store and also available through our website.

People often ask me why did I become an chocolatier and I wanted to share with you that chocolate embodies one pure essence, and that essence is one of love. Believe it or not when you taste chocolate, you have a sense of well-being and of love.