Chocolatier Oliver Kita invites you to his chocolate shop in the Hudson Valley where he is ready to serve his delightful chocolate-covered goodies to unsuspecting ghouls!


Come to me, my pretties; come to me for chocolate, the best chocolate in the Hudson Valley.

[various scary laughter] 

Hey, guys, it's Oliver Kita, welcome to my creepy castle.

Some of my children are here for adoption and you're here to get them!

The first thing I want to share with you is I have a dead mouse on a stick.

Those of you who do not like bugs, we have bugs for you to send.  The Insectarium is a beautiful collection of hand painted scarabs. Sixteen in a box, fantastically fun.

Then we've concocted something that's kind of based on bed bugs, the jitterbug. And the jitterbug is actually made with peanut butter and it has these oogley eyes and we put it in a great box.

These are my ghosts!  Peanut butter ghosts.  Woooo...very exciting, slightly scary, but delicious.

Fantastic Scaramels.  Scary caramels with pumpkin faces on the top. Look. [scary laughter]

Come to me, come to me. Come right here to me. I'm calling you, come to me my pretties.

I have some lovely treats for you, lovely treats. Are you ready to try something?

You've been very bad today and therefore, you must have chocolate to correct your temperature.

Take it! Take it! Take it! And enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Once you've tasted it, now go and smear it everywhere!