My Chocolatiers Journal - Nostalgic Love for Marshmallows

August 25, 2018

My Chocolatiers Journal - Nostalgic Love for Marshmallows


My beloved self opinion on Moon pies, smore’s and mallomars – in other words – marshmallows and chocolate is that I love marshmallows. They are the best thing ever invented to put on a stick over a softly glowing fire and then to stick the charred gooey yummy bump between a graham cracker and a piece of fantastic tasting chocolate. So, what’s to discover in a moonpie y’all that you don’t already know about? Banana tasty taste. I like to pull one apart and stick another toasted marshmallow right in there and smash the whole thing together watching out to not get chocolate coating on my fingers because the licking off requires another licking. Mallomars are a nostalgic marshmallow drop on a cookie round that is dipped in chocolate. I like to microwave these for a second or two and watch them explode, then devour picking my way through the delightfully gooey blow out

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