Red Faux Crocodile Heart with Saint Valentine Collection

Sixteen pieces from Oliver's Saint Valentine collection are hidden inside this double winged heart shaped box created in Paris. Gold foil lined, the box has two cords with hearts attached at the bottom for intertwining the pleasures of love and chocolate. › View Full Product Details › Hide Product Details

Column 1

  • Tibetan Tiger Heart - tapestry of orange caramel with a hint of chai and chili spice.
  • Scarlet Caramel - Sensual strawberry with milk chocolate made into a smooth caramel finish.
  • Espresso Double Shot - Crushed cacao nibs outside, dark ganache made with organic espresso on the inside.
  • Sakura Cherry Blossom - sweetheart cherry taste with sundried dark cherries & dark chocolate.

Column 2

  • Caramel du Sel - Pink Salt Caramels • Pink Hawaiian sea salt accents the fresh butter and full cream caramel; sweet and salty perfection.
  • Lavandre Citronade - Lavender with Lime - creamy citrus taste with light floral lavender aroma.
  • Palet d’Olivier - Oliver’s black currant love note to Paris: intense Bordeaux character.
  • Passionfruit & Lychee - Tartly sweet, tropical fragrance.

Column 3

  • Cognac Crème Bruleé - Caramelized brown sugar and milk chocolate interior with vanilla and amber notes. Cognac top note upon the first taste.
  • Palet de Framboise - Raspberry • Tart, ripe and pure raspberry made with Chambord of France.
  • White Peaches & Cream - Rich, velvety, luscious summertime taste made with the slightly sweeter peach.
  • Full Moon - organic peanut butter

Column 4

  • Loveletter - St. Germain Liquer from Paris made with wild elderflower blossoms handpicked.
  • Bee Power - Organic Chocolate, Organic banana and bee pollen.
  • Galaxy Way - Smooth, runny, chewy gooey soft caramel that twists on the tongue. Crispy rice outside.
  • Vermillion Fruit - raspberry, lingonberry and red currant blended into a love triangle.

Collections: Valentine's Day

Category: bon bons, chocolate, valentine

Type: Chocolates

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