About Chocolatier Oliver Kita

Oliver Kita’s philosophy: Aware, Exquisite, Passionate, Joyful, Powerful, Conscious.

    Meet Oliver Kita Catering and his Elite Fine Chocolates

TOP TEN CHOCOLATIER FOR 2015, named by Dessert Professional Magazine.

Having a passion for cooking and baking with the perfumes and flavors of chocolate, flowers, herbs, citrus, exotic fruits, berries, nuts, and spices over the last 20 years, Chef Oliver Kita turned his time and focus to studying and training with the top master chocolatiers on two continents. The result is the Oliver Kita line of artisan fine chocolates. Only the best superlative French and Swiss sources complemented by traditional French methods and the finest ingredients are used. Heavy satin cream, award-winning sweet butter, the finest fruits, low sugar, and carefully selected and roasted nuts are all in an artfully hand-crafted design by Kita.

Kita uses fair trade chocolate. “I believe it’s important for the patrons of my shop in Hudson Valley and anyone who purchases chocolate to align their spending choices with universal and personal values,” he says.  

Oliver Kita’s Fine Catering and Oliver Kita Chocolates, Oliver’s Hudson Valley Chocolate Shop, is located at 18 West Market Street,  in Rhinebeck, offering a collection of delectable chocolates and confections (845-876-2665). Oliver Kita is the past owner of Heaven in Woodstock, and has been the proprietor of Oliver Kita Fine Catering since 1996.