Q: Is there any milk product in your dark chocolate?
No, dark chocolate made in Europe typically consists of cocoa butter, cocoa mass and 1% soy lecithin. Milk solids have typically been added to dark chocolate created in the US by companies that are hoping to make a large profit by adulterating the chocolate. (Hershey's dark has milk solids in it to make it creamier as the chocolate is very poor quality.)

Q: Do you ship?
Yes, we ship every day from our chocolate shop (Hudson Valley) and use UPS and USPS - if you need the order to arrive faster please call our studio to choose a different shipper.

Q: What is white chocolate?
Often customers ask for white chocolate because they have tasted very poor milk or dark chocolate and they are in search of something creamy and smooth. White chocolate consists of cocoa butter, sugar and powdered milk solids with vanilla flavor added. If you taste a high-quality chocolate you may never ask for white chocolate again.

Q: Do you make vegan chocolates?
Yes! Many of them are created with vegan customers in mind. We omit heavy cream (moo!) in many recipes and direct our customers to the marzipans and organic peanut butter confections. We're planning a new Vegan Organic Chocolate line created with coconut milk to allow our customers new choices soon.

Did you know that the sugar used in chocolate is filtered through charcoal to remove impurities? The charcoal is either animal bone material or plant material. Amazing, right? Who knew? We learned from Valrhona Chocolate of France that our chocolate is vegan because the sugar in it is filtered through plant charcoal. Many large-scale US manufacturers of chocolate take short cuts.