32 Piece - Gold and Onyx Gift Box

A Beautiful presentation box,  this double layered box is couture in design quality. 

...it's all about the "too much CHOCOLATE not being enough" in regards to holiday gifting...who can resist an extra layer of exciting flavors inside this box meant for celebrating the holidays.


Oliver's 2016 signature gift wrap is a metallic gold and onyx box with a black satin and gold embossed ribbon. 32 Bon Bons  are inside the box.  A chocolate glossary is included. The box is 6" x 6" x 3.75 inches

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  • Galaxy Way - Smooth, runny, chewy gooey soft caramel that twists on the tongue. Crispy rice outside.
  • Cognac Crème Bruleé - Caramelized brown sugar and milk chocolate interior with vanilla and amber notes. Cognac top note upon the first taste.
  • Palet d’Olivier - Oliver’s black currant love note to Paris: intense Bordeaux character.
  • Light Champagne Truffle - creamy intense with a champagne center, dark cocoa powder
  • Caramel du Sel - Pink Salt Caramels - Pink Hawaiian sea salt accents the fresh butter and full cream caramel; sweet and salty perfection.
  • Lagavulin - Smokey peaty single malt scotch sweetly softened with milk chocolate
  • Scarlet Caramel - Sensual strawberry with milk chocolate made into a smooth caramel finish.
  • Espresso Double Shot - Crushed cacao nibs outside, dark ganache made with organic espresso on the inside.
  • Lavandre Citronade - Lavender with Lime - creamy citrus taste with light floral lavender aroma.
  • Passionfruit & Lychee - Tartly sweet, tropical fragrance.
  • Fig and Pistachio - Milk Chocolate with Fig Puree
  • Palet de Framboise - Raspberry - Tart, ripe and pure raspberry made with Chambord of France.
  • Cassis Caramel - Black Currant Puree with Cassis de Bordeau.
  • Whispering Heaven- peppermint and dark chocolate with crushed peppermint.
  • White Peaches & Cream - Rich, velvety, luscious summertime taste made with the slightly sweeter peach.
  • Dark Champagne Truffle - creamy and intense with a champagne center.