Bourbon Truffle Gift Box - Painting by Kim Bach (Pink Orchid Group)

Hudson Valley Bourbon Whiskey

Master Chocolatier Oliver Kita has collaborated with Taconic Distillery creating fragrantly delicious bourbon balls.  Made with organic chocolate and Private Reserve Bourbon. 

“Dutchess Private Reserve has a lovely coppery color to it, or maybe like a gorgeous amber maple syrup. It starts off with a wonderful baked quality like cookies in the oven, butter, butterscotch, cookie dough, honey, vanilla, and lots of spice. It got a little bit of a bite up front, but goes down incredibly smoothly without a lot of burn. And it’s definitely not as sweet as it smells. In fact, it’s a beautiful, elegant, wonderful bourbon. Fantastic! Move over everyone, the valley now has yet another superior bourbon!

The box contains Oliver's handmade bon bons created with Organic and Fair-trade chocolate blended with the bourbon.

Contains sixteen milk blended with dark chocolate bourbon bon bons.


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