Orchid Painting - Very Rich Milk Chocolate 38%

Very Rich Milk Chocolate - enjoy the creamy cocoa taste of with hints of caramel and vanilla.   


Hand cast and hand wrapped in the chocolate studio. "When studying in Paris the chocolate instructors called Oliver Kita along with the students- "fondeurs" which is an endearing slang term for chocolate confectioners. The start of the story ? The chocolate is manufactured on vintage French equipment before it reaches the studio where it is transformed into bars.

Presenting the philosophy of "Mind . Body . Chocolate Everyday", The Hudson Valley Natural Chocolate Bar is also available in local Hudson Valley boutiques, gourmet food markets and specialty food stores.

Ingredients: Organic  Milk Chocolate - 38% cacao, contains sunflower lecithin, not gluten free, peanut free, non-gmo. 2.8 ounces (80 grams), not vegan

Kim Bach is the owner of Verdigris Chocolate and Tea located in Hudson, and in Catskill New York.